Monday, January 13, 2014

Laila Ikeji is the Best Celebrity Entertainment Blogger in Nigeria

Laila Ikeji.

Of course, the nosiest bloggers in Nigeria are the most popular even though most of their content is junk and 90% of the comments on their blogs are anonymous, so they may actually be by the same person or by some hired trolls. But in terms of class and quality of content, the best celebrity entertainment blogger in Nigeria is in fact Laila Ikeji, a professional banker and a happily married mother of three lovely children.
From her popular Laila's Blog to her first class entertainment news website LaiLaiKeji - #1 Entertainment News!, she is miles ahead of other Nigerian female bloggers and reports more local and international entertainment news than some of the major Nigerian newspapers and magazines.

I read her blog and the news reports on her main website, but we have never met and have never corresponded. It is really amazing how she could combine her regular day job as a banker, taking care of her husband and children and still have extra time to blog and run her world class entertainment news website. She is an inspiring role model for Nigerian girls and women who should emulate her faith in her skills and talents to excel in her career and hobbies.

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