Sunday, April 29, 2018

Video: The Testimony of Sope Aluko of "Black Panther" Blockbuster Movie

Nigerian Hollywood actress, Sope Aluko who played Shaman in the box office record breaking Hollywood blockbuster movie, Black Panther revealed how her personal faith and trust in Almighty God gave her a bigger role after she auditioned for a small role.
Then the Miami-Dade County in Florida proclaimed April 10, 2018, as Sope Aluko Day to honour her.

Sope: It was an extremely competitive movie set; everybody wanted to be part of the movie immediately the auditions were put out. Everybody was trying to clinch a role in the film and it’s just so ironic because I initially had auditioned for Spiderman a year ago and the (at) last minute, I didn’t get the role. My children and I were very disappointed so when Black Panther came along I was like, ‘well, Lord this is the kind of movie I really would love to star in’. I actually auditioned for four roles – individual roles and different roles, and I didn’t get any of them for various reasons. I was too young or maybe too old, I don’t know. And then I got a call to audition for a smaller role, and I went to the director session with the director, LA (casting,) local casting as well as the producers for Marvel. I auditioned for the role and didn’t hear anything for a few weeks. And all of a sudden, I got a call from my agent and they said: ‘Oh, you didn’t book that role, but they have created a role for you and it’s this, and it’s a bigger role.’

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