Thursday, April 26, 2018

Orlando Martins and Robert Adams in "Men of Two Worlds"

Orlando Martins, the first Nigerian #Hollywood star on the movie poster advertising the Danish release of 'Men of Two Worlds' (Eagle Lion), an African drama starring Orlando Martins, Robert Adams, and Phyllis Calvert, 1946.

RUNNING TIME:107 minutes
DIRECTED BY:Thorold Dickinson
STARRING:Robert Adams, Eric Portman, Orlando Martins, Phyllis Calvert

Kisenga, is a composer and pianist from Marashi in Tanganyika who has spent fifteen years in London. He decides to return to his homeland to help the District Commissioner, Randall, in the work of health care.

Randall explains that an outbreak of sleeping sickness caused by the tsetse fly is moving across Tanganyika and has almost reached Marashi. He wants to transfer the population of 25,000 to a new settlement on higher ground and set fire to the bush to destroy the tsetse fly. Randall is helped by Dr Munro.

Kisenga arrives at Marashi. His sister Saburi is engaged to a young man named Ali, an assistant at the dispensary. Kisenga meets the Chief Rafuf, who is under the control of Magoli, a witchdoctor. Rafuf does not want to move.

Kisenga decides to settle in his old home and teaches music. The tsetse fly gets closer to the village and Doctor Burton wants to do blood tests on villagers, which are opposed by Magoli.

Magoli fights the doctors and Kinsenga's father dies of malarie. Margoli casts spells against Kisenga. He falls ill but recovers when the children perform Kisenga's music. The clearing of the village begins and the people leave for their new settlement.


Robert Adams
Eric Portman
District Commissioner Randall
Orlando Martins
Phyllis Calvert
Dr. Caroline Munro
Arnold Marlé
Prof. Gollner
Cathleen Nesbitt
Mrs. Upjohn
Mako Balo
Sam Blake
Chief Raki
Henry Broom
George A. Cooper
Orchestra Conductor
Cicely Dale
Brenda Davies
Village Woman
Rudolph Evans
Laurie Ferrell
Village Woman
Napoleon Florent
Kisenga's Father
Eustace Gomez
One of Magoli's Men
Slim Harris
David Horne
Concert Agent
Irene Howe
Village Woman
Kari Kari
Samuel D. Lewis
One of Magoli's Men
Eseka Makumbi
Berto Pasuka
Joe Pereira
Uriel Porter
Cyril Raymond
Education Officer
James Rich
Office Clerk
Marie Rogers
Village Woman
James Smart
One of Magoli's Men
Gladys Taylor
Village Woman
Viola Thompson
Kisenga's Mother
Tunji Williams
Lilian Yansen
Village Woman
Matha Yorke
Village Woman
P. Zulamkah
Chief's Messenger

PS: The film is available.

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