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The "Naked Beauty" of Patricia O'Callaghan and My Film Project

The "Naked Beauty" of Patricia O'Callaghan and My Film Project

12 years ago in 2006, Irish born Canadian beautiful singer Patricia Mary O'Callaghan said it would be great for her song "Naked Beauty" to be the song and soundtrack of two scenes of my proposed first feature of the same title.
Patricia and I coincidentally have two things in common:
1. We are from Roman Catholic backgrounds and 2 as a teenager I was wondering if I should be a rock star or a Roman Catholic priest whilst she wanted to be a rock star or a nun.

JazzTimes magazine has labelled her "the stunning Canadian chanteuse with the chilling soprano voice". She is a soprano who has built an international reputation as a performer of contemporary opera, early 20th-century cabaret music and the songs of Leonard Cohen.
She is famous for her awesome renditions of "Hallelujah”, the first of her many interpretations of Leonard Cohen's songs; "Real Emotional Girl" (2001) and "Naked Beauty" (2004).

She reminds me of my Irish sweetheart in the 1980s.
She is also an actress and I have a role in Naked Beauty that will be perfect for her. The scenes are in Agaja on Bonny Island in Rivers State and Milan in Italy.
"Naked Beauty " is an awesome original story and the screenplay is equally awesome. I trust Almighty God for the abundance of His infinite grace to make this romantic drama and also publish the book of the making like I published the photo book of my "Lagos in Motion " documentary film in 2016.
To me, every good film should also have a book.

The hardcover and paperback versions of "Naked Beauty" are available on Lulu.
It is the first Nollywood screenplay to be published for commercial distribution. The production of the film has been delayed by both political crisis in the Niger Delta and professional considerations.

LAGOS in MOTION: A Photo Album of Africa's Largest Megacity distributed by Amazon.

This is a colourful travelogue on Lagos, called Ìlú Èkó in Yorùbá.
The photo book from a new tourist documentary film, "LAGOS in MOTION: Sights and Sounds of Africa's Largest Megacity".

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