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Ghanaian Drama "Nakom" Nominated for Film Independent Spirit Award; Opens Theatrically in New York

Ghanaian Drama Nakom Nominated for Film Independent Spirit Award; Opens Theatrically in New York on March 3rd

RIEGELSVILLE, Pa., Feb. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 3rd, Corinth Films will release Nakom, directed by the female team of TW Pittman and Daniela Norris, whose storytelling ability further emphasizes the fast growing prowess of female filmmakers in the entertainment industry. Nakom most notably is nominated for the John Cassavetes Film Independent Spirit Award for the best new film made for under $500,000. The Film Independent Spirit Awards will be televised live on the IFC Channel on Saturday, February 25th at 2pm PST/5pm EST.

Senior New York Times film critic Manhola Dargis writes: "His [main character Iddrisu's] struggle seems familiar, but it's one that's made memorable through the graceful visuals, gentle pacing and deep feeling that the directors T. W. Pittman and Kelly Daniela Norris bring to this story." Variety's Dennis Harvey notes: "There's an air of authenticity as well as a pleasingly laid-back yet substantive narrative engagement to this polished effort."

Poster Art for NAKOM
Summary: Set in present day Ghana, Nakom follows Iddrisu, a talented medical student who is summoned home by his sister after their father's sudden death. Iddrisu reluctantly returns home to the village of Nakom, buries his father and temporarily assumes the head of the impoverished household and farm, inheriting not only the delicate task of planting a successful crop but also a debt left by the deceased patriarch that could destroy the family. Attempting to maintain part of his studies from the confines of a small hut, Iddrisu becomes increasingly frustrated with the incessant physical and emotional needs of those around him, the demanding toil of the land and lack of rain. A contentious relationship with his uncle Napolean, to whom the sizeable debt is owed, is further complicated by the unplanned pregnancy of Napolean's granddaughter who was sent to live with Iddrisu's family.

As the new patriarch grapples with tradition and familial duty, he is met with varying shades of contempt by both family and villagers who compare him with his father expecting a resemblance. Iddrisu's patience and wisdom are tempered by the strange paradox created by his faith in God and desire for control, the latter of which he cannot have so long as he stays in Nakom. As circumstances swell, Iddrisu suddenly begins to realize that no future for him exists in the place where he is needed the most, even despite an offer by the village Chieftain to remain in Nakom to become an elder and marry his daughter.

Nakom will open Friday March 3rd at New York's Cinema Village in Manhattan.

Starring Jacob Ayanaba as Iddrisu,
Justina Kulidu as Senior Mother, Grace Ayariga as Damata,
and Thomas Kulidu as Napolean.
For Press/Media & Film Booking
Inquiries Contact:
Directed by T.W. Pittman and Kelly Daniela Norris.
2016 | Un-Rated | 90 minutes
John Poole Jr.
(610) 509-8350
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/177720008

For more information visit www.corinthfilms.com/nakom

SOURCE Corinth Films
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