Saturday, August 1, 2015

Top 10 Film Distribution Companies in Nigeria

Silverbird Film Distribution has the best publicity for movies, because the company is owned by the biggest independent entertainment corporation in West Africa, the Silverbird Group with STV national and international TV network and Rhythm FM radio stations and the largest West African cinema chain, the Silverbird Cinemas with 69 screens so far.

Followed by Silverbird Film Distribution is Blue Pictures Film Distribution with the best film distribution website in Nigeria and has engaged the best PR and media agencies for marketing and publicity of movies. Blue Pictures recently engaged one of the foremost Nigerian social media news and information companies, IDPN Limited that is also promoting Apple, GTBank, Emirates, P&G and other big brands and known internationally by all the leading filmmakers, film distributors and studios in the world.

The other film distribution companies need to revamp their websites and engage world class PR and marketing agencies.

The first look at the website of any film distributor will show the efficiency ad proficiency of the management. A good film distribution website can make thousands of dollars from online advertising of products and services that will increase the annual revenue of the company. A good website can attract more than two million visitors weekly and that will certainly increase the mileage and patronage of the movies at the cinemas, because the constant publicity will increase the popularity of the filmmakers and the movies distributed by the company.

The following are the Active Film Distribution Companies in Nigeria.
  1. Silverbird Film Distribution,,
  2. Blue Pictures Film Distribution,
  3. FilmOne Distribution is owned by FilmHouse Cinemas,
  4. Golden Effects Pictures,
  5. Metro Classic Pictures,
  6. Xandria Distributions -
  7. Peculiar Communications,
  8. The Audrey Silva Company (TASC),,
  9. G-Media Film Distribution
  10. Nollywood Distributions

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