Monday, August 24, 2015

Glam&Gore is Beauty Vlogger of the Year 2015!

Glam&Gore is Beauty Vlogger of the Year 2015
I just. Just. What. What are words. Wat. Wat. Zombaes. We did it. For weirdos and FX lovers everywhere. WE DID ITTTT

Hollywood makeup artist Glam&Gore is the Beauty Vlogger of the year 2015 as she beat the other five finalists at the 4th Annual NYX FACE Awards in L.A. last Saturday. The Temple University graduate Mykie popularly known for her YouTube channel Glam&Gore won the grand prize of US$25,000, the title of Beauty Vlogger of the Year. It was hosted by Kelly Osbourne with live performance by musical duo Karmin.

Kelly Osbourne and Mykie.

About Glam&Gore

Mykie is a self-taught beauty & special effects makeup artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After holding several makeup jobs & graduating from film school, she moved to Los Angeles to work on movie sets. She began posting her makeup online to build up her portfolio & keep her skills sharp in between freelance jobs. What began as being the first to do the #100daysofmakeup challenge on Instagram, grew into an audience of over 600,000 subscribers on YouTube a year & a half later. Her YouTube channel , Glam&Gore, focuses on exploring all areas of makeup- the pretty, the ugly & everything in between. Mykie hopes to show viewers who may have only previously been interested in all-beauty channels, that makeup has a huge range of possibilities, & that even ‘gore’ looks can be kind of glam. Her channel encourages people to embrace their inner weird, goofy, or spooky selves, while still being able to rock a perfect face of beauty makeup. In the future, Mykie hopes to continue growing her skills, while helping others grow theirs along the way. She hopes Glam&Gore will lead to opportunities that allow her to teach & give back to people beyond YouTube.
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