Friday, February 6, 2015

The Man Who Truly Loves You Will Never Hit You

If a man truly loves you, he will never hit you.
And that is the man every woman deserves.
The only way you can get such a man is to look for love and nothing else.
A true noble gentleman like The Renaissance Man who will treat you as his Queen and be your champion 24/7.
And you should not settle for less and it starts with you refusing to be abused by any man anywhere.
The best way a man can prove his love is not by his kisses and roses or giving you expensive gifts, but by RESPECTING YOU.
His kisses and roses and expensive gifts are worthless if he does not respect you. And if a man respects you, he will not hit you.
Only immature and insecure men abuse women.

The man who truly loves you will be your hero and not your bully.
He will be diligent, efficient and intelligent at home and at work.
He will share his inspirations and aspirations with you and treat you as his partner in progress and he will also encourage and support you to succeed in life.

The women who want men to respect and treat them like Queens, should also behave like Queens with dignity, integrity and nobility.
Not degrading womanhood by misbehaving without discipline.
If you behave well and the man does not behave well, please, refuse his abuse and maltreatment.
The more you accept disrespect and maltreatment, the more you will suffer.
So, before you even welcome a man into your life, watch out for how he looks at and talks about girls and women.
Any man who sees and treats girls and women as sex objects is already disrespecting them and will certainly abuse you too.
To offend one woman is to offend all women.
So, women should defend themselves and don't let anyone offend you no matter the class, color or creed.

Don't let any man use you for his childish and foolish ego trips in silly romantic adventures and Intimate games of lust.
You are not a toy, so don't let any man toy with you for his bragging rights in competition with his peers.
Such guys or men are immature and insecure.
A mature and secure man does not need to impress anybody to prove his class and worth.
His manners and works will show the stuff he is made of. And you will love him and be proud of him as much as he loves you and is also proud of you.

God created woman to be loved and not conquered.
~ Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima.

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