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ENDcrowd Screens In Plain Sight On Sex Trafficking in the United States

As America Celebrates Women's History Month in March By 'Weaving the Stories of Women's Lives,' ENDcrowd Calls Attention to Sex Trafficking in the United States With Screenings of Empowering Documentary In Plain Sight
Film shares harrowing, real-life accounts of sex trafficking survivors as ENDcrowd raises awareness and funds to help women: To learn more or to fund a campaign:

RALEIGH, N.C., Feb. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- As we reflect on the numerous contributions women have made in shaping the history and legislation of the United States during Women's History Month in March – this year themed Weaving the Stories of Women's Lives – is sharing the stories of courageous women whose names many don't yet know.

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A nonprofit, crowdfunding platform focused on raising awareness and funding for the fight against human trafficking, ENDcrowd is the official fundraising partner of the empowering documentary, In Plain Sight, which is screening in select locations in March. The film serves to honor the survivors of these horrific crimes and as a call to action in combating sex trafficking in the US and around the world.

Through the eyes of women who have been there, In Plain Sight shares the stories of thousands of women and children forced, coerced or deceived into the commercial sex trade every year in the US and goes behind the scenes with the advocates who are working with these survivors to restore their lives and provide hope for their future.

"I was raised in a household of heroic women...I now live in a household of amazing women. As we honor women's contributions to American history, it is our hope that we will also rally in the name of heroic women who stood bravely against injustice and inequality to put a stop to human trafficking," said Joe Schmidt, founder of "It's a common belief that this is strictly a third-world country issue. But, this is an ongoing assault on basic human rights happening to women in our own country every day. These women need our help so that they can live healthy, happy lives and become the next generation of women to make a difference."

In Plain Sight, executive produced and narrated by award-winning singer/songwriter Natalie Grant, focuses on the work of six female abolitionists who founded non-profit, aftercare homes and assistance programs, which have had a profound impact on the survivors who share their harrowing experiences on screen. The film highlights stories of hope emerging from the darkness, while opening the eyes of Americans to the human trafficking issues that exist in the US.

In Plain Sight will screen in March in select locations across the country. For screening details or to purchase the DVD, visit

In Plain Sight will screen in March in select locations across the country.  For screening details or to purchase the DVD, visit
  • March 6, 6:30 PM, Menasha WI, Christ the Rock Community Church
  • March 7, 10 AM, Des Moines IO, Varsity Theatre, hosted by Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
  • March 8, 4 PM, Denver CO, Holiday Event Center
  • March 21, 6 PM, Plano TX Custer Road United Methodist Church
  • March 28, 4 PM, Louisville KY, Grace United Methodist Church, hosted by Free2Hope helps viewers of In Plain Sight to directly support these sex trafficking survivors' programs featured in the film (
  • Redeemed Ministries (Houston TX): Renovation of a Texas emergency shelter for trafficking victims in order to assess the unique needs women have as they are referred to the program.
  • Traffick911 (Dallas TX): Vehicle for a Texas aftercare home to transport survivors safely to appointments and extracurricular activities.
  • Hope for Justice (Nashville TN): An advocacy program in Tennessee to educate girls on Internet safety, healthy decision-making, the dangers of life on the street and more.
  • PATH (Little Rock AR): Transformation of an aftercare house in Arkansas to create an environment that is not only secure but a welcoming, comfortable home for survivors.
  • Courage Worldwide (Northern CA): Expansion of extended trauma therapy programs in northern California to combat the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional effects of sex trafficking on child victims in America.
  • The Samaritan Women (Baltimore MD): Job readiness program in Maryland that helps survivors learn necessary skills for obtaining and maintaining a job in their communities.
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