Thursday, February 5, 2015

Nigerian Born Ngo Okafor Among Most Sought After Fitness Experts in America

InStyle beauty director Kahlana Barfield trains with fitness guru Ngo Okafor three times a week. Okafor, a former model, is favored by glossy magazine editors looking to get toned. Photo: Dress: Valencia Atelier Shoes: Christian Louboutin Hair: Billy Dee Williams Makeup: Camara Helps Photographed at Peak Performance 54 West 21st Street, 8th Floor NYC NY, NY - January 26, 2015 - Features - Kamala Barfield, InStyle Beauty Editor, trains with Ngo at Peak Fitness, 54 West 21st St, NY, NY. Photo By Zandy Mangold.
Source: New York Post.

Nigerian Born Ngo Okafor is highly rated as one of the most sought after fitness experts in America. And is aptly described in the following words on his website:

The Renaissance Man
~noun~ An outstandingly versatile, well rounded person. The expression alludes to such renaissance figures who performed brilliantly in many different fields
As a model, Ngo Okafor has graced the pages and covers of countless magazines and has been called the most downloaded black male model. As an actor he has worked on numerous TV shows, movies and Soap operas. As a boxer, he is a back-to-back, two-time Golden Gloves Champion.
Ngo Okafor is the trainer du jour for some of the city’s most glamorous fashionistas.

The halls of Hearst and Time Inc. have been buzzing about Okafor, who spent six years modeling for Wilhelmina and now charges $175 and up for a personalized hourlong session at the gym.

“I give people style, fitness and beauty tips, so I want to make sure I’m a reflection of that advice,’’ explains InStyle beauty director Kahlana Barfield, 32, who meets with Okafor three times a week in preparation for her October wedding.

New York Post

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