Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Black is Beautiful, Nigerian Première

Imagine a future where every black girl believes her black is beautiful.

This is more than a documentary. It is a cultural point of view that reflects millions of black girls’ and women’s experiences with popular culture and social norms. The My Black is Beautiful campaign represents an ever-evolving community of like-minded women who proudly celebrate their blackness and embrace their beauty.

To honor all the women who have embraced My Black is Beautiful and contributed to years of rich conversations, celebrations, declarations and debates, MBIB is continuing its mission of helping black women be their best selves by supporting and embracing black girls as they face the most critical years of their lives through a program: Imagine a Future.

Produced by Lisa Cortes, producer for Academy-Award nominated film Precious; directed by Shola Lynch, director of Free Angela and All Political Prisoners; and executive produced by Beverly Bond, BLACK GIRLS ROCK! founder and NAACP Award winner, Imagine a Future follows the story of Delaware teen Janet Goldsboro as she wrestles with her own insecurities and travels to South Africa to examine the historical and present beauty and self-esteem issues that challenge black women and girls. Through this experience, Janet goes through a remarkable transformation – one that frees her to be her most beautiful and provides her with the strength and power to re-affirm her definition of beauty.

Infused with the perspectives of renowned media personalities such as Mikki Taylor, Gabourey Sidibe, Michaela Angela Davis, Tatyana Ali, Gabrielle Douglas and Melissa Harris-Perry, the documentary also shines a spotlight on the universal struggle most black girls and women have with beauty and self-confidence — and examines the role of black women in media, sports and beyond.

Imagine a Future is a thought-provoking, emotional journey for all who participated and those who will view the documentary. With your help, MBIB and thousands of black girls and women will imagine a future where every black girl believes her black is beautiful.

We hope you enjoy the documentary and use its message to change the conversation with the young black girls and women around you.

Download the “Imagine a Future” Discussion Guide

• Discussion questions about beauty, self-esteem and pop-culture images
• Tips to help change the conversation
• Empowering activities

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