Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The True Essence of Marriage for Man and Woman

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Marriage is the foundation for the building of the unity of the society.
Marriage builds families and families build communities and communities build societies and societies build civilizations.
But any marriage without a woman is not matrimony, but another form of villainy that will eventually cause disharmony that is a threat to procreation and human civilization.

No man has ever succeeded without a woman.
And no man can ever be complete and fulfilled without a woman.
No woman can ever succeed without a man.
And no woman can ever be complete and fulfilled without a man.
It is in marriage that the companionship of a man and a woman achieves the greatest attainment, enjoyment and fulfillment of life.
God knew this and that is why He created Eve for Adam and then later brought the Messiah through a woman.
And it is only in marriage that the best purpose of woman can be realized and not outside it.
Most of the horrible and terrible people in the world from Hitler to Shekau came from men who never appreciated this fact.
If there was no marriage on earth, the world would have been the land of chaos.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, Publisher/Editor, Nigerians Report Online, CEO, International Digital Post Network Limited, CEO, Screen Outdoor Open Air Cinema (SOOAC), Executive Director, Screen Naija One Village, One Cinema Project; Author of Children of Heaven, Scarlet Tears of London,The Language of True Love, Bye, Bye Zimbabwe, In the House of DogsThe Prophet LiedDiary of the Memory KeeperNOLLYWOOD MIRROR® Series and other books in print and electronic versions distributed by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu, Tower Books and other booksellers worldwide.  He is also the social media consultant for the Transform Nigeria Network.
He was a project artist for the Johns Hopkins University's Population Communication Services at 21, An Art/Features Editor for the successful Kiddies World magazine at 24 and a national program consultant for the UNICEF in Nigeria at 25. He was the national curator of the 1993 World AIDS Day Art Against AIDS exhibitions at the National Museum and National Arts Theater in Lagos, Nigeria. He is currently working on launching the first Nigerian owned video sharing news and entertainment website for all users of mobile phones and tablets in the world.

Books by Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, aka "Orikinla Osinachi".

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