Wednesday, November 12, 2014

89% of Nigerians Say Connecting With Other People is A Key Motivation for Going Online

Photo Credit: ITU4U.

The research found that there are four important motivations for connected consumers across the globe:

  • Interpersonal connection – 73 percent of participants said that connecting with other people is a key motivation for going online. Strong in India (94 percent), Nigeria (89 percent) and China (88 percent)
  • Exploration – Globally, 95 percent of respondents agree that the need to find and learn new things is a primary motivator for going online.
  • Self-expression – Sharing opinions with others through the Internet is particularly strong in emerging markets and places where offline self-expression is limited. In China, Nigeria, and India, more than 85 percent of respondents say that the ability to express their opinions is a key reason for being online
  • Convenience – Means different things—for some it is sports and movies, for others it is home delivery
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