Saturday, November 22, 2014

Majority of Nigerian Boyfriends are NFA Boyfriends

The NFA Boyfriend is a boyfriend who has no future ambition or who does not want to become an achiever in his legit career.
He does not motivate his girlfriend and simply wants to be sleeping with her, may be marry her and have kids. And just earn enough to survive and live until the last day on earth.

He does not have the ambition to excel with his skills and talents and he does not want his girlfriend to attain greater heights.
He prefers her to remain beneath him so that he can always take advantage of her. And he gets uncomfortable when he sees her attracting more ambitious peers.

Girlfriends who stay with NFA Boyfriends never achieve much in life.
To the NFA boyfriend, a woman is meant for two things; having sex and having children. To him, the best workplace for her is the kitchen and bedroom.
He hates to even imagine her making it to the boardroom and becoming GM, ED, COO and CEO!
Even seeing her earning enough to afford a good house and good car can make him go round the bend.
He would prefer her to always live on handouts for peanuts and not earning a seven-digit salary.
He prefers her to always come to him for cash.

Unfortunately, majority of Nigerian boyfriends are NFA boyfriends.
Their best skills are getting a girlfriend pregnant.

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