Saturday, November 29, 2014

8 Tips To Look Beautiful Without Makeup

Photo Credit: Telegraph of UK.

The widespread use of makeup cosmetics for women has made billions of dollars for the manufacturers of beauty products and beauty parlors all over the world. Makeup has become a must do for majority of girls and women and in fact many of them cannot step out of the house without makeup, because they believe they don't look attractive without makeup.  

Both younger and older women make up to attract and impress younger or older men; their boyfriends and husbands or those they want to hook and hitch. In fact, many men have fallen in lust with the attractive makeup of girls and women, but were disappointed when they later found the same girlfriends unattractive without their makeup. 
You see a hot chick with long hair and starry eyes and you go wow! It is lust at first and you go after her to ask her out and she gives in to your advances. But later, you are shocked to see her without the hair extension and makeup and you feel conned. Yes, many guys have been conned by the makeup of hot chicks on the street, runway and red carpet. 

Many of the supermodels and actresses we see as sex symbols look scary without makeup, including Kate Moss and highest paid supermodel Gisele Bündchen. In fact I am handsomer than both of them without makeup. Naomi Campbell without makeup can turn off many guys. But women can still look beautiful without makeup and it would be more beneficial to them to develop their self confidence and self esteem without makeup. 

The following are 8 tips to be beautiful without makeup.

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