Tuesday, July 1, 2014

VFX is A Must In Nollywood

Visual effects (commonly shortened to Visual FX or VFX) are a must in Nollywood says Geoffrey Gania, 2013 AMAA prize winner for Best Achievement in Visual Effects.

We must recognize that if our films most be fully accepted in the international platform and if Hollywood is the standard then all aspects of the 21st century filmmaking that make Hollywood what it is must come onto the central stage of every production right from the script. The reluctance of Nollywood practitioners in accepting VFX is contributing to the entire industry's slow pace progress. Consider this fact; even if your story does not have a man's head chopped off or a flying antelope or whatever makes some filmmakers think VFX is not for us yet, what about color corrections, what about grading, what about the stunning graphics and the opening montages. It means that no matter what story you are telling or what camera you are using as long as it is in this digital age the art of VFX is required at one stage or the other to add value to the entire production. Nollywood practitioners have to recognize that VFX is not another genre of film, but part and parcel of every movie made in this generation. There must be that awareness and an encouragement for VFX as a relevant art form. When discussing the film industry, it's important to note that visual effects are crucial components of modern film production. As such, the development of the art needs to be included in any short or long-term plans for the advancement of the Nigerian film industry.
Visual effects are coming up gradually, but the pace is rather slow since there are no formal institutions pursuing this noble cause, and of course we know some of the artistes that take VFX jobs lack the basic training and creativity for such art, hence shabby and laughable special effects are seen here and there. However, there are quite a few well trained professionals that are already stretching the boundaries of VFX in Nollywood.

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Geoffrey Gania is an international multiple award winning visual effects expert. After studying 3D and composition for visual effects and Digital Filmmaking in London, UK, he returned to Nigeria to be part of the filmmaking process. Upon his return to Nigeria in 2011, his first feature film "The Twin sword", an epic fantasy, received 9 nominations in the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA 2013), including Best film. The film clinched the Best Achievement in Visual Effects. This same film went ahead to win a Golden Icon Academy Movies Award (Giama 2013 in Houston Texas,) a ZAFAA in London, UK and a Best of Nollywood (BON Awards) not to mention other various nominations. He has so far made other films and has been involved in various levels of film productions, especially as the visual effects director/compositor. He has just concluded VFX work on the African bit of the international collection, the ABCs of Death, and is currently working on the final stage of Lancelot 'The Guv' Imasuen's film “Invasion 1897” and he says: "The work that I am doing on this film (Invasion 1897) is an excellent example of visual effects being used as a discreet tool in a more traditional epic film context. This film is one of the best things that will happen to Nollywood. It is a film we are all going to be proud of.”

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