Monday, July 28, 2014

Have You Got What It Takes To Date the Single Upwardly Mobile Young Woman in Nigeria?

The single upwardly mobile young woman is actually scarce in Nigeria, because of falling standards of education and occupation in Africa's most populous country where even first class young graduates of tertiary institutions are not well paid in spite of the increasing high costs of living standards in the mega city of Lagos, the most attractive place to live and work for single upwardly mobile young women who want to make it to the top and prove themselves from the general office to the boardroom.

Majority of the employers in Nigeria don't pay good salaries, because they prefer cheap labour and it is rare to see single young women earning up to N500, 000 - N1, 000, 000 monthly salary in Nigeria and they need to pay monthly rent of between N100, 000 and N200, 000 for a good apartment in upscale estates on the Island and mainland where they really deserve to live safely without the harassments of the densely populated suburbs of lower class estates of Lagos city.

The single upwardly mobile young woman is not necessarily materialistic, but cannot lower her high standards of living or settle for less when she knows she deserves the best like her peers in the 21st century global village using the same cars or SUVs; smart phones and tablets and designer apparels and accessories. She deserves to live her best life and live up to the expectations of the 21st century world if she must excel and succeed in the highly competitive corporate world. And in most cases, she works for a company that is a global player and not a local player and so she must know the latest trends in business and lifestyle from The Economist to Forbes and from Vogue to Cosmopolitan and also follow what is making headlines on the Bestsellers List of The New York Times in order to maintain the world class living standards of her office and lifestyle. Therefore, she must date and marry an equally single upwardly mobile young man who is compatible with her so that he can comprehend and understand her and not the guy who is not intellectually articulate or professionally confident for her social class and corporate status. Imagine dating a guy who cannot even speak or compose a correct sentence in English grammar and who lacks the finesse of social etiquette and panache of the 21st century corporate world.

He must be able to discuss Leke Alder and Paul Robin Krugman with her and he must be able to tell the difference between Deola Sagoe and Donatella Versace.
He should also know the top 10 box office from Nollywood to Hollywood and chat about what is hot on E! and EbonyLife too.

He should be able to know what is the hottest gossip on TMZ and our own popular tabloid City People. And lest we forget, he should be able to take her out to lunch or dinner at the Sheraton or Radisson Blu and spend an evening at the Jazz Hole and also enjoying going to the Silverbird Galleria to see a good movie at the Silverbird Cinemas or to The Palms in Lekki to unwind.

She should be able to discuss the NSE and the NYSE with him since she has shares in companies quoted on both stock exchanges and also discuss the latest Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's novel "Americanah" and Donna Tartt's "The Goldfinch". And they should be able to discuss Beyoncé and Aṣa. And not any of those local boys who are so clueless about the latest trends in global business and lifestyles and the worst is you cannot even converse with them in good English! And they claim to be graduates of tertiary schools?

It is a nightmare to date or marry anyone of them as many of the single upwardly mobile young women in Nigeria who made that mistake later found out with regrets.
You come back from a boardroom meeting and still make dinner for him and the children. But you cannot even discuss the issues you had to deal with in the boardroom.
The guy does not even know the difference in what is bullish and what is bearish! God have mercy!

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, author of Children of Heaven, Sleepless Night, Scarlet Tears of London, Bye, Bye Zimbabwe, Diary of the Memory Keeper, In the House of Dogs, The Prophet Lied, The Nollywood Mirror Series and other books available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Tower Books, eBay and other international bookstores.

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