Sunday, July 6, 2014


You can run, but you can never escape from reality.
One million smiles cannot change the situation. One million teardrops cannot prevent it. And one million lies cannot delete it.
So smile or weep, you will pass through it.
It is the big O.
It is nothing really, but the rest of humanity dread the truth of the wrath of the earth.
Everything ends in the big O.
And everything includes everyone. You and I.
Majority of people are just adrift without knowledge of the big O.
Especially in the third world.
They are ignorant of it till even their last moments on planet earth. And with their last breath, the big O stares at them eyeball to eyeball like gazing into the mirror. Then they realize the truth, but it too late to do anything about it.
But don't waste your time thinking too much about it, because no one can solve the mystery. Even Albert Einstein said:
"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots".
I am seeing them everywhere everyday in Nigeria.
On their streets.
In their churches.
In their mosques.
Legions of idiots.
But how do you know them?
By their thoughts and acts you shall know them.
They live in the big O, but they are ignorant of the big O.
They cannot even grasp the dialectics of the fundamental dynamics of life.
They live and pass away just like the beasts in the forest says the Holy Bible. And their only achievement is having children to increase the burden of mother earth who swallows them daily.
But if only they can pause just for a moment and face the big O now instead of wasting their time trying to avoid it in different escapist and defeatist lifestyles.
But once you face the big O, and give it a big hug and then let it go, you will realize the full essence of your existence depends on the big O.
And once you realize it, wow, you will feel ten feet tall and feel like you can walk over the Great Wall of China and even build castles in the sky.
Embracing the big O makes you a conqueror of every form of terror on earth.
The ignorance of the big O is worse than your worst fear.

The universe operates in geometry and symmetry.
You must understand the geometry and symmetry of the universe to realize your destiny.
Majority of people in the third world never realize their destiny, because they are intellectually re-tarded.
Focus on the attached photo and see that all the other things in different colours come from the black o which is the core of the whole picture.
As you focus on the picture, reflect on the most beautiful and colourful moments of your life so far.
What work do you do that makes you happiest whenever you are doing it?
Does it also make others around you happy or sad?
Flip through the previous chapters of your life.
Which chapters do you wish you could rewrite?
Which chapters do you wish you could make longer or shorter?
Will your life make an exciting book to read or a boring book?
Do you have the power to write what you want in the next chapters?
Or are you allowing others to write them for you?
Like the Boko Haram is now writing the chapters of the lives of their helpless victims in northern Nigeria?
They are helpless, but does it mean they are powerless?
No, they are not powerless, because they can actually refuse to allow the Boko Haram to write the chapters of their lives.
If only they can face the reality of the truth.
That they can actually end the evil reign of the Boko Haram.
Lest we forget, they are more in number than the members of the Boko Haram. But their fears have made them smaller.
Is what is happening to them their destiny?
But it is their choice.
They chose to be ruled by leaders who cannot protect and save them.
Our destines are not in the stars, but in our own hands.

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