Friday, July 11, 2014

Only Foolish Girls Date and Marry Guys Who Cannot Take Care of Them

The post is not about dating or marrying money bags. But about making the right choices in life which most poor girls fail to make and end up in the same vicious circle of poverty of their poor parents.

Frankly, it is silly for a girl to go out with a guy who cannot take good care of her.
And to the struggling guys who want you to bear with them, my best advice is don't waste your quality time on chasing girls when you are still struggling for survival. It would be better for you to wait until you have finished struggling. Because, when you still broke and poor, you will not have the wherewithal to chase and date the girls of your dream and only go for the cheap girls you can pretend to and even oppress, because majority of poor girls have low esteem. So, why not face your academic or professional pursuits until you have achieved success, then you can date the classy girls and ladies of your dream like those beauties you admire in Vogue, ELLE, Vanity Fair, GQ and other top class magazines or even select the single ones among the 34 beauty queens of Nollywood and Kannywood in the latest edition of NOLLYWOOD MIRROR®.

It is silly for a girl to claim to have a boyfriend and yet she struggles to have three square meals a day and in fact her poverty stricken boyfriend comes to share her breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Believe it or not, there are girls who are so poor that they cannot even afford sanitary pads and stupidly date equally poor guys who cannot even buy them any.

I always tell poor girls, fornication is fornication. So, if you are going to fornicate, you better make it worth your life and time on earth.
What is the use of hissing at the good time girls on and off campus who are dating comfortable big boys and enjoying their goodies and then whine over your poverty, because you are dating poor guys. And later you turn around to ask the same good time girls for help with basic provisions. That is sheer hypocrisy.
My dear, you need a reality check.

If you are poor and from a poor family and cannot make ends meet, PLEASE, don't worsen your predicament by falling in love or falling in lust with a poor guy from a poor family who cannot even pay bills for his basic needs and is often in debt.
If he tells you, "Please, bear with me", reply with "My dear, bear with me cannot pay our bills" and just leave him alone to worry less about you and face his studies or work to survive and succeed. One headache or bellyache bad enough. Two will be a nightmare for you.
Increase your financial capabilities and decrease your financial liabilities.

Any girl making a poor guy to resort to sharp practices in order to make ends meet and please her does not love him.
Making a poor guy to cheat and steal from others to please you is not love, but robbery.
Stop fooling yourself and making yourself a nuisance to others in the society.

The priority of every poor girl from a poor family is to survive and succeed and help her poor family out of poverty and not dating an equally poor guy from a poor family who cannot help her or her family, but in fact worsens her predicament.
Poor girls and poor guys dating and marrying is what spreads poverty in the world and that is why you see poor couples making poor families living in slums and then breed kids they cannot feed who often end up on the streets and become social misfits and outcasts and criminals who become dangerous nuisance to the society. And we see them everyday messing up the community and committing heinous crimes.
But when a poor girl from a poor family summons up the courage to step up and go out with a comfortable rich guy from the upscale part of town, she will most likely make her way through out of poverty and also help her poor family out of poverty. And move from the ghetto in Ajegunle to the upper class Victoria Garden City, Banana Island or Park View Estate in Lagos.

Why should a poor girl want to keep on sleeping on mats and mattresses on the bare floor when she can move up to sleep in her own well furnished bedrooms in a bed with duvet and roll on Arabian rugs?
C'mon! Who does not like a good life?

The choice is always yours. And don't tell me that comfortable and rich big boys don't know how to love poor girls?
They do, in fact, most of them know how to love and treat poor girls better with class and good taste. Because in most cases, majority of the comfortable rich guys of today were once poor and came from poor families and can empathize with poor girls from their own past experiences of hardship.
Love notes and love letters are better written with smiles of comfort in prosperity than with contorted faces of discomfort in poverty.

When you see a poor woman with poor kids living from crumbs on the streets, you shake your head in pity. But she chose her predicament when she dated and slept or married a poor guy from a poor family. She had a thousand and one chances to make sure that she did not end up in poverty. But she foolishly made one of the common mistakes of life, thinking from her loins instead of thinking right from her brains. So, she ends up with all the warts and all of poverty while the smart and wise girls are enjoying the benefits for making the right choices in relationship and marriage. But unfortunately, we see millions of poor girls repeating the same terrible mistakes in the developing countries and increasing the poverty index instead of joining in the efforts and pursuits to end poverty in the world.

The only poor guy you can risk dating or wedding is the one you are sure of his bright prospects and not mere bragging rights.
He must have a practical plan and life insurance to give you the assurance of a safe and secure life and not the one whose life depends on probabilities and not realities.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, aka "Orikinla Osinachi", author of Song of Patriotism, Children of Heaven, Sleepless Night, Scarlet Tears of London, Bye, Bye Mugabe, Diary of the Memory Keeper, In the House of Dogs, The Prophet Lied, the NOLLYWOOD MIRROR® SERIES. You can find his best selling books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, eBay, Lulu, Tower Books and other international booksellers.

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