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TIME for Barbie's World

Time Magazine July 2023 Cover (Time Magazine) All people in this magazine cover: Carlota Guerrero - Photographer Carolina Orrico - Fashion Director Andrew Mukamal - Fashion Editor/Stylist Chris Horan - Fashion Editor/Stylist Wouri Vice - Fashion Editor/Stylist Bryce Scarlett - Hair Stylist Christine Nelli - Hair Stylist Dhairius Thomas - Hair Stylist Felicia Leatherwood - Hair Stylist Larry Sims - Hair Stylist Cherish Brooke Hill - Makeup Artist Joanna Simkin - Makeup Artist Katey Denno - Makeup Artist Loftjet - Makeup Artist Nina Park - Makeup Artist James Rene - Set Designer Jamie Neale - Choreographer Natalie Minerva - Manicurist Tom Bachik - Manicurist Vanessa Mccullough - Manicurist Alexandra Shipp - Actor Hari Nef - Actor Issa Rae - Actor Kate McKinnon - Actor Margot Robbie - Actor #Barbie #people #fashion #designer #photographer #artist #models #actors #TIME https://www.ins

Cinderella : The Allegory of Persecution and Redemption

Cinderella : The Allegory of Persecution and Redemption I have watched different versions of the romantic fairy tale of   Cinderella. And there is even an an Igbo fairytale similar to it. My mother, Mrs. Gladys Unuamaighiuwa Eke of blessed memory told the story of the Igbo Cinderella which I am considering the film adaptation. The latest version,  an Amazon Original Movie is very popular and over 2 million households have watched the exciting and thrilling romantic musical film based on the fairy tale of the same name by Charles Perrault. Ambitious orphan Cinderella gets some magical help from her Fab G to realise her dreams, making a life for herself selling her signature dresses. Director: Kay Cannon Music by: Mychael Danna; Jessica Weiss Distributed by: Amazon Studios Adapted from: Cinderella Cinematography: Henry Braham The first literary European version of the story was published in Italy by Giambattista Basile in his Pentamerone in 1634; the version that is now most widely kno

Louis Vuitton By the Pool Summer 2023

Louis Vuitton By the Pool Summer 2023 (Louis Vuitton) All people in this campaign: Nicolas Ghesquière - Designer Steven Meisel - Photographer Marie-Amélie Sauvé - Fashion Editor/Stylist Guido Palau - Hair Stylist Pat McGrath - Makeup Artist Ashley Brokaw - Casting Director Ida Heiner - Model Karolina Spakowski - Model Loli Bahia - Model Sacha Quenby - Model Sora Choi - Model View the videos on

Men's Egos and Women's Dildos

Photo Credit: Men's Egos and Women's Dildos How Big Is Your Mojo?  - Romance - Nigeria - By Ibile Ife The confidence of an Alpha Male is not defined or determined by the size of his penis or bank account. But by the dignity, integrity and nobility of his personality. Having a big penis does not make any man an Alpha Male. Majority of men continue to believe that the size of their penis means a lot in their relationship with women. No. What women really want is a man with confidence, healthy and can pay his bills with legitimate financial security. If you cannot pay your bills and you cannot take care of a woman, it is best you keep your distance from her. Now let us address the myth and might of the size of the penis and does the size really matter to women. Read more on sizes of the penis and vagina in sex on ht