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In the Chimes of January

In the Chimes of Wintry January Photo: "Januar" by Lina Lammering. (Inspired by the painting "Januar" by @mirnglame ) In the chimes of wintry January I hear the chorus of the choir from the sanctuary. With sounds of ringing bells and chirps And I use my tongue to lick my dry lips. I can hear echoes of the wandering Elfen After the winter storms in the land of Niedersachsen. Come, my beloved come My beloved come with me To the Kingdom of Wilden Jäger, the hunter. For Wilden Jäger does not hunt in winter. Let us fly to the Wurmberg where we are free Where their goggling green eyes cannot see . Come, my beloved come. Let us fly above their fields and meadows Let us fly to the top of the Birch beyond their willows. We will welcome what the new year brings. With the wind blowing beneath their wings, They flap their wings as I hear as she sings. Birke waves in the cold breeze as the wind blows. And they kiss as they renew their nuptial vows. - By Ekenyerengozi Michael Ch

"I Have Full Breasts With Pointed Nipples,."

Excerpts from "The Linda Ikeji I Knew", new nonfiction book by Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, author of "Diary of the Memory Memory Keeper"., "Scarlet Tears of London" and other books. ### "I have full breasts with pointed nipples," she said and I could picture them from her description. She was telling me to let me know that  she had sexier boobs than Linda.  Stella, You abandoned me. I miss you more. I heart you always. Give my kisses to your children, Michael and the younger babies you love so much. From: stela //  Date: Monday, October 5, 2009 Subject: helloooooooooooooooooo To: me  no,i miss you more. if u think u miss me more then call me on my mobile or sms me on xxxxxxxxxxx, i am logging out of the net now sweetie. need to rest abeg. send me sms now or call me in 20mins..u deicide which one favours She was free with me whenever she called me from Germany where she was happily married to a German man with lovely kids, and one of them