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Uli Si Na Ka Chi

  Uli Si Na Ka Chi Come my beloved Beloved maiden of Aforugiri Aforugiri of Ohuhu. Ohuhu of Umuahia. Umuahia, land of the rising sun  Rising sun of the Eastern region  Eastern region of the River Niger. Come to me Ola OMA. OMA , beautiful daughter of Umu-Uda.  Umu-uda of Nsigwu   Nsigwu of Umu Udara. Udara, the sweet fruit of Chrysophyllum albidum, Chrysophyllum albidum of Chrysophyllum africanum, Chrysophyllum africanum of the Chrysophyllum cainito. I will decorate you with the hollow shaft. Hollow shaft of the beautiful feather  Beautiful feather of Ekwuru ụlọ. Ekwuru ụlọ, the enchanted bird of my Chi. My Chi will decorate you with Uli Okorobian of Rothmania hispida, Rothmania hispida, twin sister of Uli Oba. Uli Oba of Rothmania whitfieldi. - By EKENYERENGOZI Michael Chima, PS: I have composed this panegyric poem on the beauty of Uli body art on an Igbo maiden in original Igbo form of poetic verse.  An

Soliloquy of My Stream of Consciousness

SOLILOQUY OF MY STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS I thank Almighty God I have become the kind of writer I want to be; like the masters whose books have been my companions - from antiquity to the Romantic Age poets.  I have introduced Igbo poetic form into modern English poetry even as I have composed the longest poem in haiku by an African poet. I have become the kind of poet I want to become. The film production of "Naked Beauty" screenplay coauthored by the great Chika Christian Onu, PhD and I, has been delayed, because I actually prefer to direct it myself. The nuances of the Uri art in the storytelling of the poetry of the beauty of OMA as illustrated in body art by Tonye and the depictions of the thoughts  of OMA's erotic passion in cinematic surrealism will be awesome in motion picture. I want to turn it into a romantic adventure of a National Geographic photographer in the Niger Delta of Nigeria,. And the photographs of the Uri body art on OMA will be published and