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  Create Amazing Video Content in Seconds

The Outstanding Success of MultiChoice Talent Factory

The MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) Academy has achieved within three years of its establishment since 2018 what other older film schools in Nigeria have failed to achieve for the advancement of the Nigerian film industry. In fact, MTF has exposed the shortcomings of the film schools that have been existing since 2010 to date, but these film schools are still having unaccredited courses and poorly trained graduates who have been rushed through ad-hoc courses in overcrowded classes without in-depth hands-on training on the most important components of filmmaking. The alumni of MTF have won international awards and scholarships; including the Spotlight award at the 15th edition of the Mobile Film Festival held in Paris, France in 2019 and awards of scholarships from the New York Film Academy (NYFA)  among other notable achievements. The other film schools in Nigeria should use the template of the MTF for the improvement of their curriculums in accordance with the international standar

True Beauty Glows

 #beauty #love #london🇬🇧 #roses🌹 #happiness  True beauty glows  As true love flows From a heart without bitterness Glows true beauty with happiness. As we sniff with our noses The scent of blooming roses. - By Ekenyerengozi Michael China, Author of the "Scarlet Tears of London" and other books.

Cinema – A Social Catalyst: Dubai Expo 2020: Canon Brings Women Trailblazers From The Middle-East and African Film Industry

Chioma Ude, Founder and Executive Director of the Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) Cinema has long been revered as a powerful and transformative tool to create awareness and change in the society.  While the film-industry acts as a catalyst of global change, it still remains heavily male-dominated with vast discrepancy between the numbers of male and female workers. The under-representation of women in an industry that stands as a stimulant for social change, growth, progress and development, is a critical issue that needs to be addressed at global events such as the Dubai Expo 2020. In an effort to shed more light on this matter, Canon’s panel discussion will involve women from the film industry who shattered the glass ceiling across Middle-East and Africa such as UAE’s first female Film Director/Producer and CEO of Nayla Al Khaja Films and Motivational Speaker - Nayla Al Khaja from Dubai, Sara Shazli from Egypt who directed the critically acclaimed movie ‘Back Home’ and Ch

Andrzej Bartkowiak is My First Choice for the Cinematography of "Naked Beauty"

  Andrzej Bartkowiak is my first choice for the cinematography of "Naked Beauty", because I have been impressed by his outstanding work on "The Devil's Advocate" directed by Taylor Hackford in 1997. I will be the producer. And I am still looking for the best director who can  direct it.  The original score will be done by a Nigerian composer. I will do the casting, because I know all the characters and the characteristics of their personalities. I spent four years on the location of the screenplay on Bonny Island in Rivers State in the Niger Delta of Nigeria. I know everyone in the story.and the topography of the Agaja Village on Bonny Island. See the sneak peek of "Naked Beauty" on