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Dior Beauty : Dior Forever 2022 Campaign

  Dior Beauty Dior Forever 2022 Campaign  #Dior #beauty #2022Campaign #fashion #models #modelling #makeup All people in this campaign: Liz Collins - Photographer Jason Bolden - Fashion Editor/Stylist Emily Cheng - Makeup Artist Peter Philips - Makeup Artist Tracy Clemens - Manicurist Natalie Portman - Actor Yara Shahidi - Actor Aira Ferreira - Model Halimotu Shokunbi - Model Tsheca White - Model Source

How Fair is FairMoney To Nigerians?

  How Fair is FairMoney To Nigerians? FairMoney the current most popular instant loan app in NIgeria is now a fully licensed microfinance bank after four years of operations in the country. But has FairMoney been fair to Nogerians and what makes it different from the dreaded loan sharks embarrassing and harassing borrowers who failed to repay loans when the time was due?  What are the benefits of FairMoney ?  I have been using FairMoney for over one year and I was not embarrassed and harassed when the repayment of my personal loan was delayed for a month.  Complaints of many people in NIgeria about the high interest rates of loan sharks and their defamation of customers who failed to repay their loans have been making headlines in Africa's most populous country. Economic hardships caused by widespread loss jobs during the peaks of COVID-19 pandemic and unemployment left millions of Nigerians broke and poor with financial challenges in paying their bills, house rent,

Upcoming NIgerian Model, Funmilola and Her Friend Kehinde Dancing To "Peru" by Fireboy and Ed Sheeran

#Peru #Fireboy  #EdSheeran #Sheraan #hitsong #music #Musicians #singers #Nigeria #Lagos #Nigerians #Funmilola #Kehinde #Akinyemi #model #dance #friend Upcoming NIgerian model, Funmilola Akinyemi and her friend, Kehinde dance to the hit song, "Peru" by Fireboy DML featuring Ed Sheeran.