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Spanish Sport Brand Seeks Creative Models Worldwide

Project Description: Requirements   The sport brand created in Spain is seeking content creators / models to work with them around the world, they would like to find diversity and different profiles in this casting, the applicants must be interested in sports and have a healthy lifestyle.  They are looking for young, fresh, creative women who can represent them around the world. They will send different items to the selected models so they can create content for the brand.  Preferences   Gender Female  Age 18 to 35  Height 137 to 210  Casting ends on December 15, 2022. Payment  Paid Online or offline job / collaboration Online Register on

Nigerians Report Online is the #1 Nigerian Blog for the Global Film Industry

Nigerians Report Online is the #1 Nigerian blog for global news on #movies and the film industry. - Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima  Publisher/Editor, NOLLYWOOD MIRROR® Series

I Fell in Love with Sophia Loren at First Sight!

  SOPHIA LOREN "I fell in love with Sophia Loren at first sight on the big screen of the cinema in our neighborhood on Lagos Island!. I would have met her in the 1980s if I wanted since I had invitations to #Hollywood. And my song, "Hardway To Broadway" was recorded in Hollywood in 1984 and a copy is in  the Library of Congress in Washington DC. I had Anne Leonard, Lucy and other beautiful and wonderful American women coming to Lagos to supervise my work as a health illustrator. I almost got hitched at 22, but I was just too young for marriage. I was walking on air, so sure of becoming a rock star, but I became born again from being Roman Catholic to a young Pentecostal evangelist. So, I said "Bye, bye Hollywood" and "Welcome to JESUS Christ." My hood queen, Chinwe got married at 18 and Nicole Walter, my beautiful blonde German muse walked into my life without any previous contact with her in 1992. We were both vegetarian artists until she returned

What is Comprehensive Intellectual Humility

 The CIHS (Comprehensive Intellectual Humility Scale) is made up of 22 items (Krumrei-Mancuso and Rouse, 2016) with four subscales: (1) independence of intellect and ego (2) openness to revising one's viewpoint, (3) respect for others' viewpoints, and (4) lack of intellectual overconfidence. #independence #respect #humility #ego #one #openness #four #viewpoint #items #scale #intellectual #intellect #lack #comprehensive #made #others

Influencers and Brand Ambassadors Needed for the Promotion of New Jewelry Brand

Influencers/brand ambassadors needed for regular work/promotion with new jewelry brand @violetfrancescajewelry  Requirements Hello! I'm launching my new jewelry brand very soon and I will need influencers/brand ambassadors for TikTok and Instagram My preference is to pay a small amount for the work plus give you product plus give you a percentage on any sales that come through you.  I believe in treating people well, and most of the time that comes back to me :) The jewelry is high quality sterling and 14k gold filled. New site launching later this month too! My target markets, as stated in title, are US, UK, Spain, Italy and Canada, so strong preference to people located and with followers in these countries. If you are into yoga, crystals and astrology, even better! Preferences Gender Female Age 20 to 45 Height 120 to 210 Payment Paid Paid plus collab plus product :) All of the above Online or offline job / collaboration Online

Female Ambassadors wanted by Jewelry Brand Worldwide

Female Ambassadors wanted by Jewelry Brand Worldwide A jewelry brand is looking for female ambassadors to help advertise the brand with enthusiasm around the world. Selected people will receive products directly at their homes to promote on their social media channels in exchange for compensation. If you are interested in this project or would like to know more, make click on Apply Now! Paid: 100€ Apply Now!