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The King Must Dance Naked Will Be A Hit On Netflix

A film adaptation of "The King Must Dance Naked" will be a box office hit if well directed by a good filmmaker. It will be great for Netflix. The popular drama written by Fred Agbeyegbe was published by Malthouse Press in 1990 and had sold out stage plays of it in Lagos.

InStyle Mexico June 2020 (Remote) Covers by Benjo

InStyle Mexico June 2020 (Remote) Covers by Benjo Arwas (InStyle Mexico) All people in this magazine cover: Benjo Arwas - Photographer Benjo Arwas - Director Roderick Hawthorne - Casting Director Cristina Piccone - Model Gizele Oliveira - Model .

O Mammi!

O Mammi! (In memory of my beloved mother, Mrs. Gladys Onuamaghiuwa Eke) It is another May 26 It is now 27 years since you passed on When you gave your life for your beloved children I have not forgotten O beloved mother For I have no other to remember Beautiful gap toothed daughter of Almighty God One of the bravest mothers who passed through this world A man can always have another wife But a mother is irreplaceable in life O wonderful mother of my genius You taught me the holy scriptures From the one and only book I saw you read The Holy Bible in Igbo language You gave me the everlasting message Of the Word of Almighty God JEHOVAH That has given me victories in my battles So that I can always sing and shout HALLELUJAH! I have told and written your name in my books And I showed your beauty in my looks. For I am proud to be your gap toothed son! I continue to keep the candle light on And let the light glow in memory of you. In my heart and spirit of what is pu

NOLLYWOOD MIRROR®Series: Bringing Class, Glamour and Style To #Nollywood

Bringing Class, Glamour and Style To #Nollywood The second edition of NOLLYWOOD MIRROR® is twice as nice as the first edition both in content and context and definitely a collector’s item. It featured 34 beauty queens of Nollywood and Kannywood and highlights of the Miss Fair & White beauty pageant with the leading ladies of Lagos Upper Class society; fashion icons Abba Folawiyo and Chief Opral Benson, the "Iya Oge" of Lagos at the event. The book design was done by Juvelin Aripal, an international graphic designer based in the Philippines and printed in Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.A. The first edition was a celebration of the emergence of Nollywood as a phenomenal film industry in Africa and celebrated the icons of Nollywood from the best awards events - Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) and Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) to the sexiest actresses, best directors and how Nollywood can break into the highly competitive global film market. NOLLYWO

Diary of the Memory Keeper: When A Younger Woman Falls in Love with An Older Man

#StayHome @amazon Short Diary of the Memory Keeper eBook: Michael Chima Ekenyerengozi: Kindle Store.


URGENT  APPEAL FOR SUPPORT   Due to unforeseen circumstances and the emergency lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,  I have become very broke and homeless and still in self-isolation in a guest house in Lagos where I am owing thousands of naira.  The guest house will be shutdown tomorrow, because of lack of business and I will be stranded in Lagos  The lockdown worsened my precarious situation by stopping my sources of incomes in the Nigerian film industry. Debtors who are owing me have become unreachable and not responding to my calls and messages. All I need is N500, 000. I am desperate and it is better to be a beggar than be an armed robber.  Please, I need the support of every kind hearted person who can contribute whatever amount you can give me to survive my present ordeal. My GTBANK current account number: 0016426297 Account name: EKENYERENGOZI Michael Chima I will be grateful. Faithfully  Michael Chima, Publisher and