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The First Canadian Actor in Nollywood

GIOVANNI ROSMAN was the first Canadian born actor to act in Nollywood movies.

The Bestselling Products in Nigeria

The Bestselling Products in Nigeria GLISTON 8'' 3D Phone Screen Enlarger with Bluetooth Speaker, Screen Magnifier for Cell Phone, HD Screen Amplifier for Smartphone, Folding Screen Magnifier for Movies, Videos, Gaming Most Popular Games 1. Most Popular Cell Phones and Accessories Phone Screens: Until everyone is able to afford an unbreakable screen, this will continue selling 2. Apples: Literally, apples sell so fast; if you can get afford it, go for it 3. Memory cards: To save more of the important files 4. Ear phones 5. Air pods : For calls and Music 6. Games (PS, Nintendo and their likes): A lot of People always unwind with games 7. Candles: Go for the ones with fragrance. 8. Printers: Is there an office without a printer, Maybe like 1 out of …… 9. Camera: In this era of videos, you won’t be mistaking at all. 10. Car trackers: People don’t want their cars stolen but if it gets stolen, they need to recover it fast. 11. Hair Extension: Most la