Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Ekulo Drives Wild Africa in Nigeria

Ekulo Drives Wild Africa in Nigeria
By Ingram Osigwe

As the Saxophonist skilfully held the galaxy of guests comprising captains of industry, distributors, media Executives, Marketing Communication gurus, wine enthusiasts among others spellbound with his melodious tunes, the ambience of Radisson Blu Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos became electrifying.

It was indeed an evening of parade of quality as one of Nigeria’s foremost commodity manufacturing and distribution conglomerates; the Ekulo International Ltd on Friday, September 7, 2018 formally unveiled Wild Africa Cream, the latest liqueur brand on its stable. Produced by KWV Wines, Paarl, South Africa, Ekulo has the sole franchise for the distribution of the brand in Nigeria. Industry watchers say the presence of tens of Ekulo distributors from all over the country at the event was indicative of Wild Africa Cream’s already tremendous success in the Nigerian market and acceptance by consumers. Essentially, with an experience in the wine industry and history of successful marketing of international quality wine and liqueur brands behind it, business analysts agree that KWV did not make a mistake in partnering with Ekulo to push Wild Africa Cream in Nigeria. John Terfa Mka, KWV’s country Manager for West Africa and its Brand Manager, Barry Badehorst harped on this in their speeches.

Founded in 1918 by wine makers from the Western Cape in South Africa, KWV is a major authority in the South African wine industry. The company is a leading wine and spirits producers in the country and has a distinguished heritage celebrated around the globe. In 2004 the KWV negotiated the South African wine industry’s largest BBBEE deal with Phetogo ltd, attaining 25,1% shares. This led KWV products to enter into the South African local wine market with its branded wines and brandies, having previously been available to international consumers.

KWV Wines are crafted with extraordinary skill and dedication, keeping the company’s vision in mind – to ensure that every vintage is better than the last, constantly offering a rewarding experience. Working closely with its grape growers, KWV’s viticulturists are part of the complete process – from vineyard establishment to harvest. Our winemakers visit the vineyards regularly to familiarize themselves with the terroir and the fruit, and new areas are constantly targeted to ensure that the grapes we use fit the stylistic direction of the range.

Presently, KWV is a subsidiary of Niveus Investments, part of the HCI black empower investment group, and is the only South African producer listed on Drinks International’s Most Admired Wine Brands Global Register.KWV wines and grapes are sourced from the most sought-after viticultural regions of South Africa and grown from the world’s oldest earth. The company’s cellars, one of the largest complexes in the world and featuring the world-famous Cathedral Cellar, have produced an award-winning range of products. KWV brands have a solid foundation in tradition, while innovating with contemporary tastes. Over the decades they have earned KWV a loyal following of discerning consumers both locally and abroad. Wild Africa Cream, for example in 2017 won the Michael Angelo Platinum Award in international wine competition. The leopard has inspired countless African myths and legends. Grand tales of its power, beauty and grace have been passed down through the generations. Wild Africa Cream is inspired by this majestic creature.

According to Badehorst, Wild African Cream is the perfect fashion accessory, meant for those who take on the “Urban jungle” with grace, poise and style. Wild Africa Cream drinkers are beautiful and elegant, but have an underlying confidence and aren’t afraid to show a bit of their Wild side - this “untamed elegance” is what lies at the heart of this luxury, premium cream liqueur that embodies the essence of modern day Africa. Wild Africa cream is consistently smooth and easy drinking. It’s the perfect pre – drinks companion and the ultimate after party indulgence”
Badehorst stressed that the brand is enjoyed in more than 45 countries around the world for its tantalizing blend of fresh cream, distilled spirit and caramel. “Wild Africa Cream is made from the finest quality ingredients luxuriously blended to perfection, with about 70 percent cream, the unique, sensual liqueur can be enjoyed neat, over an ice or in an indulgent cocktail”, he said.

Mr. John Terfa Mka is optimistic that with Wild Africa Cream’s future in Nigeria driven by Ekulo International , the brand was set to take over the Cream liqueur sub-sector of the Nigerian wine market. He said that it was a new beginning for Wild Africa Cream because of the involvement of Ekulo in its affairs. The General Manager of the Nigerian conglomerate, Joseph Okonkwo who also spoke in the same vein said Wild Africa Cream is elegant, fanciful and has quality, and pocket friendly. According to Okonkwo, the brand has a bright future in the Nigerian market.

Ingram Osigwe is the Consultant to Ekulo Group.

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