Thursday, December 15, 2016

Nigerians Report Online is Still Active 24/7

Nigerians Report Online is still active on the internet 24/7. But we have moved it to a sub domain on Blogger at, because we are having duplication of our name Nigerians Report by fellow Nigerians in their fraudulent desperation to take advantage of our popularity for their opportunistic mercantilism. But copycats will remain copycats and the ORIGINAL will remain the original. And also, we are tackling the piracy of one of our popular books, "The Victory of Muhammadu Buhari and the Nigerian Dream" on Google Sites.

Google should not permit the piracy of intellectual property. It is a crime.
Unauthorized duplication, reproduction and circulation of intellectual property should not be allowed to thrive and the criminals should be prosecuted according to the laws against piracy of intellectual property.

We may restore Nigerians Report Online with a modified custom domain on Blogger or relocate it to another webhost.

Our popular Twitter account of @247nigeria has not changed.

We are still on course with the development of our master domain of iPost Nigeria which is going to be the biggest and largest Nigerian news and entertainment website and social media network with eCommerce.
For the most populous country in Africa with more than 177 million people and having Lagos, the largest megacity on the continent with more than 22 million people, Nigeria deserves to have a mega news and entertainment hub on the internet.
The largest Nigerian website presently has only about 1.5million active members and has not recorded up to 200, 000 pageviews on a topic in one day. So, we can do better than that with more than 51% of our population on the internet, because more than 90 million Nigerians use their GSM phones to access the internet. We have the live statistics every second as we speak on our fingertips.
We can have a Nigerian internet hub of more than 30 million registered members.
Yes, we can. As we say in the Igbo language "NKIRUKA", meaning the future is greater. And we see the big picture of the future!

We can be reached at the following email address and telephone number 24/7:
Tel: +234 706 637 9246

Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima
Nigerians Report Online


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