Wednesday, December 7, 2016

GAC Motors Unveils the New GS4 Brand in Lagos on December 12


LAGOS, Nigeria, December 12, 2016. China's leading automaker GAC Motors will be unveiling its premiere GS4 brand at the Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island Lagos.

It is expected to be an event of pump and pageantry as select stakeholders of Nigeria’s automobile industry, captains of industry, political leaders and heads of corporate organisations have con rmed attendance and many more are already billed to grace the event.

CIG Motors distributors of the GS4 brand have built a clear backward integration plan in compliance with the Federal Governments industrialisation plan; with a first class assembly plant operating in Ojota, Lagos, Nigeria. CIG in partnership with GAC China is training and skilling hundreds of young Nigerians in the automobile industry with a keen interest in advancing knowledge acquisition and technology transfer.

The GS4 brand has scored many rsts. GS4 scored 80.68 points in the C-ECAP assessment and became the rst SUV vehicle model to receive the gold medal. A total of nine cars have been awarded gold and silver medals since C-ECAP was established and GAC Motor's GS4 is the only model by a Chinese brand and the only SUV with a clear leading advantage in low emissions while ensuring optimal performances and safety.

C-ECAP was launched in 2015 and assesses automobile's overall impact on the environment and ecosystem by evaluating ve basic indexes – harmful substances, in- car air quality, in-car noise, combined fuel consumption and vehicle emission as well as three additional reports in recycling rate, factory greenhouse gas emissions and components life cycle. Only 1.5 percent of all car models that enlisted in the assessment receive a gold medal or higher.

This best-selling model has just made its debut to Lagos, Nigeria where it is currently been assembled. It has optimal fuel e ciency with a combined fuel consumption of 6.3 L/100 km (37.3 MPG)and only 36dB in idling noise to provide undisturbed driving space for car owners.

Chief Diana Chen, Chairman of CIG Motors said "Applying sustainable and eco-friendly technologies in vehi-cle production and automotive decoration is one of our primary goals. All cars manufactured by GAC Motor follow the highest standards and use only the best quality and environmental friendly materials,"

In addition to lower fuel consumption as well as emission, GAC Motor creates a green and comfortable driv-ing environment by continuously improving the NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) and achieving zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) emission in interior trimming, the VOC scored the highest in C-ECAP assessment.

GAC Motor's factories are also equipped with advanced fully enclosed production lines with noise and dust reduction while promising to use 100 percent water-soluble, environmental friendly coating and eliminate harmful substances and dusts in the factory emissions to reduce atmospheric pollution.

No doubt this is a choice car for Nigerians and it has been said continuously in the automotive industry in Nigeria that the launch of the GS4 car is set to create a revolution in Nigeria’s automobile Industry.

About GAC Motors
GAC Motor is a subsidiary company of GAC Group that commits to developing and manufacturing world-class quality vehicles, engines, components and auto accessories. GAC Motor ranks top eight among all brands in J.D. Power Asia Paci c's 2015 China Initial Quality Study, the highest of all Chinese brands for the third consecutive year.

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