Monday, December 26, 2016

Nigerian Female Celebrities Are Among the Most Insecure People

Nigerian Female Celebrities Are Among the Most Insecure People

Why are Nigerian female celebrities slaves of their emotional and social insecurities?
They display envy, jealousy and foolish pride to their fellow celebrities.
They go about with their masks of conceit and deceit.
What celebrity trophies are they competing for?

I don't need to mention names.
They know what I am talking about. Especially the female OAPs.

They are reluctant to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate their fellow female celebrities who are glowing and shining.
They prefer to back bite and gossip about them.
The female celebrity gossip bloggers are also guilty online and offline.

A popular female celebrity gossip writer sneers as she sees a famous female dancer approaching at a popular shopping mall.

A young female celebrity events planner who recently planned the most glamorous northern elites wedding in December sneers at a famous celebrity gossip blogger for reasons best known to her.

Nigerian female celebrities often gossip and hiss about themselves.

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