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VO5's "Dance Originality" Music Video Wins MTV Competition

VO5's "Dance Originality" Music Video Wins MTV Competition and Now on Full Rotation
Crowdfunding and Album Release Success Leads to More Music Videos

MADISON, Wis., Nov. 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- This September, nu-disco big band VO5 started a fundraising campaign to finish their debut album Dance Originality and fund music videos. Over 450 fans filled the sold-out CD/Vinyl release party. The album is now available on CD and vinyl. Chris Arcella directed the video in NYC for the first single, also called "Dance Originality," which won a VOTD.TV award.

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After winning MTVu's "The Freshmen" music video competition on November 20th, "Dance Originality" will air regularly for six weeks. Having raised $12,000 with the success of its Kickstarter campaign and album-release party, VO5 promises more videos to come in the near future, including one for the new single "I Can Feel It."

Radio stations around the country have been playing songs from the album over the last few weeks. Eric Cullen of the State Times writes, "the nine fresh songs and EDM-laced remix draw from a well rounded group of influences, including jazz, Latin, and funk, in addition to their disco home ground."
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VO5's second video,"I Can Feel It," shot and directed by Ben Reiser in Madison is being released this week. Work on "The Disco Haiku" with stop-motion animation is underway in the UK.
On Friday, 11/27, VO5 will be doing a pro-bono show at the Cardinal in Madison to support WORT Community Radio.

VO5 celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year. The nine-piece band is known for its theatrical sensibility, outrageous costumes, charitable fundraisers and epic-length dance parties. They play a blend of 70s funk and disco covers with their quirky and catchy originals.

Kelly Maxwell sums up the band's philosophy as:
"Dance, dance, dance! There is such a sense of euphoric togetherness that can happen on a crowded dance floor. Dancing and surrendering yourself to the music can provide a clarity and energy that's hard to find elsewhere in daily life "

Catherine Capellaro states:
"V05 represents the hopes and aspirations of all Americans. We believe that dancing should be an essential part of everyone's revolution. We believe in peace and justice and the American way, especially if it involves platform heels and lots of glitter"

Andrew Rohn describes V05's style as:
"Disco is the perfect anti-cool music that's actually cool. We embrace the cheesiness, the flamboyance, and the happy energy of disco. These songs are masterpieces of pop arrangement - the vocal harmonies, the string and horn riffs, the classic bass lines. Disco also represents a melding of black and white culture, gay and straight - it's 'coming together' music."

John Feith says the band:
"simply aims to make people dance."
Eric Cullen writes in the State Times that:

"V05 borrows from their idols freely — a bass line here, chord progression there — to make an album that, compositionally speaking, fully belongs in the present day music environment."
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