Monday, November 16, 2015

Market Crowd Challenge for Fashion Designers, Musicians and Promoters Everywhere

Market Crowd Challenge is looking for products from cities all around the world, products that represent the culture, history and the lifestyle of each city. We expect to discover both popular and unique products from different cities.

Mass production and big brands are the big threats to local businesses and we believe that customers often lose the chance to find products that show history, culture, and experience.

We are here to give local sellers the opportunity to grow on a global scale, and customers to meet new products they have never seen. Sellers who participate in Market Crowd Challenge will get a chance to sell their products through our new e-commerce website, which we will be launching in the near future. Please see the schedule below and we hope to see you in our Market Crowd Challenge. If you know local sellers who would have interests in our competition, please kindly let them know about this event.

Market Crowd Challenge 2015
Registration: Nov 16th - Dec 6th
Evaluation: Dec 7th - Dec 9th
Winner Announcement: Dec 10th

Market Crowd Challenge will award prizes
to the three top-ranked sellers.

10,000 USD
5,000 USD
3,000 USD

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