Wednesday, November 18, 2015

VIDEO: Innocent Children

In a darkened building we hear a couple fighting. We see their shadows as the argument escalates. Hidden in a child's bedroom is a kite, a metaphor for the scared child who we can hear breathing. A bottle breaks and the father falls to the ground, pushing the child's bedroom door and ripping the kite. The shadow of the mother is seen sobbing leaning over the body of her husband. Cut to a scene of her being led away by police as the kite is carried to a waiting car. We hear the child sobbing. After a frightening police car ride the kite is now left in a waiting room. Until a friendly hand picks it up. While the voice over tells about the issue of children suffering when parents are imprisoned, we see the kite being mended and taken somewhere brighter. Finally the kite is released and we cut to see a child's feet lift from the ground. Thanks to Innocent Children, a Morning Tears initiative, the child has been set free to fulfill his/her potential.

Agency: Wunderman Shanghai
Executive Creative Director: Chris Jones
Creative Director: Hans Ibrahim
Production House: Black & Cameron
Director: Tao Wright

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