Saturday, October 17, 2015

TALK OF THE TOWN: Linda Ikeji Can Afford A Mansion On Banana Island

The talk of the town in Lagos, is the good news and debate over the latest real estate acquisition of Miss Linda Ikeji, the most popular celebrity blogger in Nigeria, Africa's most populous country with more than 170 million people, more than 145 million users of GSM phones and more than 67 million people on the internet and with the largest economy.
With such statistics, why should any literate person doubt that the most popular blogger in the country can afford a million dollar mansion?
What is even shocking to me is why should her own flesh and blood sister, Laura be in shock?
“@officiallindaikeji just proved that impossible is nothing. Haaaaaaaaaaaa still in shock!!!! #newmansion #luxurylife #thebiggesthouseiveseeninmyife Instagram isn’t ready #worrydemmodeactivated new neighborhood guys!!! I’m still in shock. Thank you God. Na You ,” Laura wrote.
Is she saying that she does not know the worth of her elder sister's successful blog?

Can Linda Ikeji afford a ₦600 Million mansion on Banana Island in the mega city of Lagos?
Yes, she can.
Her popular money spinning blog LIB is worth more than US$10 million. Therefore with only a fraction of that, she can afford that mansion.

Lest we forget, she is not the only successful blogger in Nigeria who can afford such a mansion and even so much more.

Congratulations, Linda Ikeji. Pop the champagne and send me my own exclusive bottle for showing you the way since you were 17 and sitting on my laps on the "Danfo" minibus from Mushin to Yaba. God has been too good to us.
Cheers to our success.

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