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Hillary Clinton Meets Giovanni Gambino, Author of The Vindicators

Giovanni Gambino Spills Old Family Secrets in New Book
The Vindicators reveals Sicilian Mafia origins

NEW YORK, Oct. 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Giovanni Gambino was born into one of the most fascinating families in one of the world's most infamous organizations. His father, former Sicilian mob boss Francesco "Ciccio" Gambino, passed away in federal prison on a 30-year sentence; Giovanni was 14 when Ciccio was convicted. His mother raised him with help from the Mafia "old guard" — the traditional bosses who wanted no part of the drug trade and prostitution the Mafia was becoming known for. As a result, Gambino's experiences with the Mafia were positive. He saw what he calls "the good side of the Mafia." Now Gambino has written The Vindicators (ISBN 1515018016, Club Light House Publishing) detailing the Mafia's rise in Sicily.

"Me writing books is like a Pope robbing banks," Gambino said. "It's very rare to have a guy like me write about the Sicilian secret society."

Based on stories passed down through the family over the generations and upon Gambino's own research, The Vindicators pulls back the curtain on the Mafia. Though the organization has been portrayed endlessly in popular media, most people don't know much about how the Mafia came to be. Gambino decided it was time to shed light on the real story.

The Vindicators
goes deep into Sicilian history, starting with the Easter 1282 uprising against the rule of French-born King Charles I, who had ruled Sicily since 1266. In the face of increasing oppression, the Mafia called upon the men of Palermo to rise against King Charles and his forces. Within six weeks, 3,000 French people had died at the hands of the Sicilians and King Charles had lost control of the island.

"The Vindicators is 'Game of Thrones' meets The Godfather," Gambino explains. "The Mafia was born of a desperate need to protect the families of Sicily in the face of horrific oppression. Those are the roots of today's Mafia, and what people often don't realize is that the organization continues to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. I hope readers will come away from The Vindicators with a better understanding of the Mafia's good points."

The Vindicators is available in paperback and e-book formats at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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