Friday, October 31, 2014

Girls United Together for Success (GUTS)

About GUTS and GUTSY


GUTSY is the buzzword for GIRLS UNITED TOGETHER FOR SUCCESS (GUTS) movement for the empowerment of underprivileged girls out of school in Nigeria to ask for their fundamental human rights to education and go to school like other girls in the most populous country in Africa where over 6 million poor girls are out of school.
For GUTS, every girl in Nigeria must go to school and have a good education from primary school to the university.

GUTS will campaign against every form of child labor in Nigeria and stop poor girls being used as hawkers and housemaids in every community in Nigeria.

GUTS is not an NGO and will not be an NGO. It is going to use mass communication for mass literacy campaign for the education of all girls everywhere they are in Nigeria. The GUTSY messages will be spread by word of mouth, online and offline, on social network sites, publications in print media, radio, TV, T-Shirts, Face-caps, scarves, bandannas, mugs, etc for the public enlightenment to support GUTS 24/7!

What can you do to cooperate and support GUTS?
Just spread the word and pass on the message.
You can also contribute and donate as much as you can to promote GUTS.

GUTS is already live online!
Don't be left out!
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  1. This is fantastic!!.....@Orikinla we are hoping that this becomes a new phase of girl education in AFRICA in totality not ONLY NIGERIA.
    Lets drive this motion. @Franca Aide we see your efforts to put smiles on the faces of these girls. Orinkinla we would be glad to see this lady on TV to show us her passion for these girls. Not only her pictures on the internet. Probably then we will be on the forefront for this project to actualize & succeed on this continent!
    Recognition from UNICEF is a great plus i must say. Congratulations again!

    1. Thank you.
      GUTS will be launched soon so that it becomes the household campaign for every family in Nigeria to get every girl out of school into the nearest school and encourage her to succeed all the way to graduation and help others girls to succeed as well.