Saturday, October 25, 2014

Everything A Woman Needs To Be Pretty and Sexy 24/7

Aminat Ayinde. Young supermodel from New Jersey, USA. Photo Credit: Aminat Ayinde's Wallpapers.

Here is a complete collection of fashion and beauty products, a special selection of everything a woman needs to be pretty and sexy around the clock every day and every day.
View all the images and order anything you want to have and be happier, prettier and sexier 24/7.

Designer Skin Body Bronzer, Juicy Gossip, 13.5 Fluid Ounce
by Designer Skin

Product Description
Pssst.drench your skin in juicy gossip. Rich with the most powerful antioxidants and lavish tanning ingredients, this lush intensifier will give you the dark results you've been craving. Immerse yourself in the exclusive passion fruit juice-based formula, with an extra punch of peach, for superior skin nourishment. It's the ultimate guilty pleasure. You know you love it.


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