Sunday, August 18, 2013

Who Will Win the $100,000 Prize for Literature?

Who will win this $100,000 prize for literature?
The Nigeria Prize for Literature sponsored by the Nigeria LNG Limited is the biggest and richest prize for literature in Africa, and it is exclusively for only Nigerian authors in Nigeria and abroad.

Prof. Remi Raji and Prof. Femi Osofisan are the foremost contenders.

It is really difficult for anyone to predict who will win the Nigeria Prize for Literature this year, even though only a couple of the writers who made the initial shortlist are among the most accomplished poets in Nigeria. I can pick out the geniuses in poetry among them. When you have Prof. Femi Osofisan , aka Okinba Launko and Prof. Remi Raji in the same contest for the most coveted and richest literary prize in Africa, then it is not an easy task for the judges. The other 9 authors on the shortlist must also be good to have made the list of 11 from the 201 entries, but only few of them have proved to be seasoned poets over the years. Personally, I don’t believe in prose writers becoming poets overnight so that they can compete for the poetry category of the Nigeria Prize for Literature which rotates annually among the four major genres of Prose Fiction, Poetry, Drama and Children's Literature, especially when the cash prize is a whopping US$100,000! (₦16145000.00 Nigerian Naira). That is enough to make any Nigerian transform into Wole Soyinka overnight!

On August 12th 2013, the Advisory Board for The Nigeria Prize for Literature approved the following shortlist of 11 out of the 201 books submitted for the 2013 edition of the prize. And click here for the full report on Nigerians Report Online.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

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