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Quintessentially and Angel Champagne Wows Abuja With Eye Popping Exhibitions

Queen Ahneva and some guests.


Wednesday 29th May and Thursday 30th May, 2013, were two days that witnessed the highest display of luxury and class ever to be seen in Nigeria. These were the two days that Angel Champagne and Quintessentially (an internationally renowned concierge company) held the crowds spell bound with a super high profile display of their top international brands at an event that incorporated the style of a super-high class cocktail party and the presentation format of an exhibition. It was a night that wowed a vast collection of guests, made of individuals in the top echelon of the Nigerian success ladder. It was an event designed for the celebration of pomp, pageantry, luxury, Quality and class distinction in the utmost superlative.

Former Hon. Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Chief Tom Omoghegbe Ikimi and a guest.

Annie Inyang and Aderemi.

Deliberately put together by Zakaa Luxury concepts, with the co-hosting auspices of Quintessentially, it was a debut night for some of the world’s top brands, who purposed to make a grand entrance into Nigeria’s luxury market by creating a stir in the system; and they indeed succeeded through the event, in achieving just that objective. Never has so much opulence been in display in a single event under one roof in Nigeria before; indeed, the ante and definition of glitterati were raised and redefined on the occasion.

Masade and a guest admiring the classy Angel Champagne.

Venue was the prestigious Transcorp Hilton Abuja, Situated in the heart of the FCT and easily the only six star hotel on the West African Coast, and a perfect venue for an event that sought to beat the highest standards and records in Luxury. Wednesday 29th May saw the start of the event with a cocktail party which commenced by 6pm. So vast was the list of guests that people were still stringing in by as late as 9pm at night. The apparels on display on the guests were enough in value, and the individuals themselves were a roll call of who is who among those with nine figure incomes in the country. It was not an event for individuals who take orders from others; it was rather an event for those who give orders, in whose hands lay the economic destinies of themselves as that of others. Apart from providing them with a forum in which to mingle and network, it was also an excellent opportunity for them to relax, unwind and enjoy themselves. Food and classy drink was available in quantities and varieties that gave the event the ambiance of a royal banquet.

Abayomi, Queen Ahneva and Adams Yakubu.

Abayomi and Thelma.

Adams and Fatima.

Andy James.

Belen and Laura.

Debbie Oghene.

Dennis Ifidon Ojeonu, Stanley O.

Dr. and Dr. (Mrs) Ndukwe.

Farrah Onoja.

Francisca Sambo and Bertine.

Lilian Okafor and Stephanie.

Hon. Wale Ogunbanjo.

30th May was the second part of the event which was the Luxury and lifestyles Salon presentation. It started by 3pm. The auditorium was furnished with a tasteful design of exhibition platforms with some of the worlds highest luxury brands in display. Chief among the brands on show was Angel Champagne, by far one the most beautifully and exquisitely made champagnes in the world today and with price tags befitting royal treasure. Angel Champagne was inspired by British entrepreneur Stefano Zagni. Angel has limited annual production so its exclusivity is assured. Thus it is only available for purchase at very select venues around the world. In the entire West coast of Africa, Angel Champagne is solely distributed by Palatially Wines and Spirits, another new enterprise riding the top of the crests of the luxury market in Nigeria.

Kunle Odeyemi.

Mr. and Mrs. Jolly Cole.

Morrilyn Ogor, Aderemi, Adijohn.

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew.

Mr. and Mrs. Somze.

Another exhibitor at the event that held attention of the elitist crowd was “Quintessentially”. This company was established in 2000 as a private member’s club and concierge Service Company. Quintessentially stand today as the world’s leading concierge and lifestyle management group.

Other exhibitors were Zakaa, a Nigerian brand with over 20 years experience in distribution and retailing of luxury brands, presently having franchise of more than thirty luxury brands including, Ulysses Nardin Watch, which was manufactured by Swiss Watchmakers, and founded in 1846. They have been dedicated to excellence for over 165 years in manufacturing mechanical watches. Also at the exhibition is Serapian, which was established in early 1940, the Serapian brand has always been synonymous with quality, dedication, creativity and refinement. Montagrappa , which was the first Italian Pen and was founded in 1912, they has carved a niche for themselves with their unique masterpieces and beautiful work of art, Pesavento was also at the exhibition and they specializes in precious material, gold, silver and gemstones, crafting them into original shapes and extraordinary volume.

Queen Ahneva, Abayomi and Lilian.

Prince Jeff, Eloka Anene, Hon. Phil A.

Remarkably, a great number of the guests came out to pick up these products for themselves, confirming the fact that they are those for whom money works, and not those who work for money. The most attention was curiously focussed on the super-packaged Angel Champagne. Indications showed that from the appreciation of the guests, exquisite wines, such as Angel Champagne, may soon become the next line of alternative investment in Nigeria as new collectors and connoisseurs will soon emerge. With the champagne’s great quality, being made out of the best vines, from the best vineyards in the world and brewed by the best wine makers, using the highest standards, its long cellar life and is perfectly assured and prices are bound to rise with age of the wine, thus making it an item of elitist value storage and financial speculation, apart from a great item of luxury.

Quintessentially also proved to be a novel entrepreneurial adventure with a lot of attraction for the guests at the event. Quintessentially is the world’s leading concierge/lifestyle management group. It was founded in the UK in 2000 as a private members’ club and concierge service. Their services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Quintessentially group encompasses 39 sister companies with physical offices in 72 cities world wide. It is the only truly localized concierge service in the world. Services include informational services, hotel/restaurant reservations, arranging of spa services, recommending nightlife hot spots, booking transportations (Limousines, airplanes, boats) procurement of tickets to special events and assisting with various travel arrangements and tons of local attractions. Quintessentially is crafted to enhance the output of long hour working super executives and high achievers who need special assistance in providing a work-life balance.

The exhibition ended by 11 pm on Thursday night and left a feel that will forever remain a source of deep nostalgia in the mind of guests as such event will be very difficult to replicate; except if Quintessentially and its associate companies chooses to titillate Nigeria’s rich folk with a repetition, any moment soon.

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