Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Every Weather Has Its Own Beauty

Every weather has its own beauty.
~ Mabel Habila, FedEx Lagos, Nigeria. 

Only God knows what the seasons will bring
From the dew of Hermon in the showers of Spring
And in the golden lights of the sun in Summer
We dance round the bonfire and have a night to remember
We walk about naked in the sun until our skin turns brown
From one acorn sown the mighty oak has grown
For us to serenade in the shade of the tree
Or fly far away to the mountains where others cannot see
And to wrap you in my arms in the cold after the summer rain
The merry maidens of September equinox come with the cornucopia of Autumn
With their tambourines and songs of the euphoria of harvest
They come to us as we lay back in our tents in the sunset
When my beloved smacks her lips with my kisses and sips of Apple cider
And the leaves fall as John Keats bowed "To Autumn" under his "Bright Star"
Like enchanted Adonis enraptured in the Ambrosia of voluptuous Venus
We retreat into the bowels of our grotto in the villa of Tiberius
In the Bay of Naples fleeing from the chilling snow of cold blooded Winter.
And as we grow older in every season the memories of these moments will linger.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima.

Books by Michael Chima.

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