Monday, September 24, 2012

Single Girl Infects 90 People with HIV/AIDS

Single Girl Infects 90 People with HIV/AIDS

The shocking news of a 1st year student at Moi University who infected 90 people with HIV/AIDS virus in only 60 days has sent shivers down the spines of those who had sex with her, their lovers, spouses and others in relationship with them after the girl even went ahead to expose their names to the Kenyan Daily Post.

Another female student at University of Nairobi also claimed that she infected 322 men with HIV/AIDS.
“I am a student and I am HIV-positive. I swore I would spread the thing because I got infected during my first experience. I have slept with 322 guys in my campus and two outside. I wanted to infect 2,500 people but the guilt is now killing me,” she said in a text message she sent to a close friend.

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