Canadians Buy U.S. Products Like Crazy

Expand Your Media Coverage - North! What do you think about when you think of Canada: hockey ... sleds ... maybe Bigfoot? Try valuable consumers' instead. Canada's 34 million consumers have one of the world's highest standards of living. They shop more and are more brand loyal than Americans. And guess what? They buy U.S. products like crazy. In fact, the trade market for U.S. goods in Canada is larger than the entire EU combined. Find out everything you need to know about marketing to Canadians--including how to maximize your media coverage--with the new report "Good Neighbors, Great Consumers: The Case for Expanding Your PR North". It's a must-read for communications and marketing practitioners who want a Canadian's perspective on how to tap into the news media north of the border. Click here to Download your copy of the free report today!


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