Monday, September 10, 2012

Hollywood is Watching Nollywood

The news hounds of TALK OF THE TOWN have sniffed out the following reports on Nollywood from the mainstream news media in Hollywood.
Believe it or not, Hollywood is Watching Nollywood.

Nollywood planning its next move

Distribution key to Nigeria's burgeoning film movement

Nollywood planning its next move

Nigeria looks to nurture burgeoning film movement
5/13/2010 by Kevin Cassidy, Frankie Edozien
News Article
Nigerian group pushes for more theatrical bookings

Can theatrical distribution take Nigeria's burgeoning film movement to the next level?
6/17/2010 by Kevin Cassidy, AP
News Article
Film biz in Nigeria is growing like trees

It sounds like a far-fetched film plot: Two African street kids are plucked from obscurity to become the toast of the continent.
12/19/2008 by Liza Foreman, AP
News Article
High hopes for Africa Int'l Film Festival

High hopes for Africa Int'l Film Festival
5/13/2010 by Empty, AP
News Article
AFM Special Report: Nigeria

Nigeria has built a vibrant film sector from virtually nothing. But can it survive?
11/5/2009 by Shaibu Husseini, AP
News Article
Little actors play a big part

Two African street kids being plucked from obscurity to become the toast of the continent sounds like something from a far-fetched film plot. But that's exactly what happened to the Nigerian dwarfs known as Aki and Pawpaw, the stars of the film of the same name.
12/15/2008 by Liza Foreman, AP
No One Killed Jessica -- Film Review

"No One Killed Jessica," which boasts powerful performances from its two lead actresses, is likely to build solid word-of-mouth business in what is generally a slow weekend for Hindi film releases.
1/8/2011 by Lisa Tsering
News Article
Cologne Conference selects TopTen

Strong women, broken families and the mysteries hidden in a classic painting are among the highlights of this year's Cologne Conference, the TV festival and media confab that runs Sept. 30 through Oct. 9.
9/2/2009 by Scott Roxborough, AP
News Article
Unique filmmaking voices emerge from Africa

Despite economic restraints, unique filmmaking voices emerge from sub-Saharan Africa
5/22/2007 by Charles Masters, AP
News Article
Sundance 2009 competition lineup

Sundance's drama, doc competition lineup
12/3/2008 by Empty, AP

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