Sunday, October 6, 2019

What Can Netflix and Showmax Offer More than 90 Million Muslims in Nigeria?

Which of the most popular streaming services have TV series, shows and movies for the over 90 million Muslims in Nigeria?

Netflix and Showmax are competing for the millions of cable TV lovers in the most populous country in Africa with a population of over 197millon people and Nigeria has the largest Muslim population in sub-Saharan Africa and the majority are Sunnis. But do they have considerations for them in their programmes?
Netflix and Showmax are competing for the best #Nollywood movies, but I have not seen them competing for the predominantly Muslims #Kannywood movies. They forget that the acquisition of good Muslim TV series, dramas and shows can attract millions of subscribers to them.

Aliu Nuhu Muhammed, the most popular actor in Kannywood and his family.

Islam dominates the north of Nigeria and has a number of supporters in the southwestern, Yoruba parts of the country. In terms of Nigeria's major ethnic groups' religious affiliations, the Hausa ethnic group in the north is mostly Muslim, the Yoruba  tribe in the west is divided among mainly Christianity, Islam and traditional religions, while the Igbos of the east and the Ijaw in the south are predominantly Christians (Catholics and Protestants).

Don't just collect and produce programmes without considerations for the best interests of your target audience.

- EKENYERENGOZI Michael Chima,
@247nigeria Twitter
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  1. In my opinion, I think the first consideration should be how to fix the infrastructural deficit all over the country.  The projected consumer base is under the assumption that every Nigerian can stream content pushed by Netflix or Showmax on their TVs or Mobile devices.  This is grossly misleading because, in reality, mobile data is very expensive minuscule percentage of our populace can stream entertainment with mobile devices.  It is simply expensive and out of reach of most of us.We should as a matter of priority make cheap broadband internet access possible in all homes throughout Nigeria and not at the moment a preserve of the elites and perhaps middle-class in Nigerian cities.  This is not about Christians or Moslems but all Nigerians..
    Tunde KELANI