Friday, October 4, 2019

Happy World Smile Day 2019

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Happy World Smile Day 2019

World Smile Day is a day when people are encouraged to not only put a smile on the faces of their fellow man, but also to treat them to acts of kindness. This day is celebrated on the first Friday in October and has been officially celebrated since 1999. Today, not only do millions of people participate by putting smiles on the faces of their fellow human beings on this day, but there are also many events held all over the United States and the world to celebrate this day.

The historical roots of this day can be traced to Worcester, Massachusetts in 1963. This is when a commercial artist named Harvey Ball created what would now be known as the smiley face; An image that had instant commercial success and quickly became recognizable all around the world. While Harvey Ball was pleased with the success of the smiley face, he was also concerned that the real meaning behind it was lost on the general public. It was this concern that inspired him to create World Smile Day.

Harvey believed that the smiley face had no political, religious or geographic limitations placed upon it. He felt that people shouldn’t either, at least for one day of the year. So he created this day as a day that people can be kind to each other and make each other smile. In 1999, he started the first ever World Smile Day in Worcester, Massachusetts and from there it has spread throughout the world.

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