Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Begins a Historic Visit to Israel this May 10th

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Begins a Historic Visit to Israel this May 10th

LAGOS, Nigeria, May 8, 2018 /CNW/ - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, a world-renowned televangelist and the founder of the LoveWorld Inc., will be holding a special visit to Israel (May 10th-18th). The historic trip will be accompanied by hundreds of followers seeking to connect to the Holy Land. The registration was open to all Evangelists that seek to explore the wonders of the Land. According to the organization, many believers have expressed their enthusiasm to join and been waiting for a long time to become part of the event.

The annual trip's aim is to spiritually connect to the Holy Land and walk in the footsteps of the Lord Jesus Christ. The eight-day visit will take place in Israel and Jordan. Moreover, the tour was designed with the goal of presenting a memorable experience to first-time participants and present a new opportunity for returning visitors to take a closer look at the journey Jesus took.

This year's visit of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is considered as a major event since it overlaps with the 70th anniversary of the declaration of independence of Israel and the moving of the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, the Capital.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will be accompanied by the Evangelical preacher, Pastor Benny Hinn; joining efforts to make this biblical tour a grand success. The delegation will be split into four groups, each experiencing different sites from the Holy Land with live ministrations from Chris Oyakhilome. The visitors accompanying him are from across the globe, including from the US and North America.

The attendees will get the chance to experience places like the Western Wall in Jerusalem; a 2000-year-old Jewish Holy Site linked to the Second Temple, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the traditional site of Christ's crucifixion, burial, and resurrection and Cana of Galilee where Jesus turned water to wine. The trip is filled with museums, monuments, authentic markets, great food and much more.

The tour will be broadcasted live with constant updates on all social media outlets as well as the official LoveWorld USA tv. To those that were unable to participate in this year's trip can register at to receive updates and livestream notifications.

SOURCE Pastor Chris, Christ Embassy


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