Sunday, May 27, 2018

Happy Children's Day!

We must do our best to give the best things in life to our children.
We must secure the future of our children.

If you cannot take care of a child, please don't have a child.
Don't bring an innocent child into the world to suffer.
No child asked to be born poor.
So, it is best not to have children in poverty.
It is not by force to have a child.

Anyone who cannot provide three square meals a day should not have children.

Our children deserve good food, safe house, health care and good education.

Beggars who have children and use them to beg on the street are insane and should be arrested and taken to mental health centres to protect and save their innocent children from being harmed and from the risks of infections and other dangers.

Please, let us protect and save our children.

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