Thursday, May 31, 2018

If Nobody Wrote a Word, None of Us Would Be Here Now

If nobody wrote a word, none of us would be here now.

Almighty God wrote the first book and it was in fact on a touch screen with his fingers.  He gave the first copy to  prophet Moses.

Any nation or society that does not  appreciate or read books will be backward. That is why majority of African nations are backward, because majority of Africans don't appreciate or read books.
95% of the readers of the books by African authors are white people and not blacks.
The books of the most celebrated young writer from Nigeria, Chimamanda Ngozi-Adichie have sold more than one million copies , but less than 40, 000 copies in Nigeria.
Scores of the books of my NOLLYWOOD MIRROR®Series have been sold, but those who bought copies in Nigeria are not up to four. I personally ordered and gave out 15 copies free at the cost of US$22 per copy.
Universities in the US, South Africa and the Philippines have collected them, but no university in Nigeria has a copy.
Even in #Nollywood and #Kannywood, only Lancelot Imasuen Oduwa bought a hardcover copy of the first edition for US$20 which is now sold for US$40 and traded on @eBay for as much as US$230.

None of the 34 beauty queens of Nollywood and Kannywood featured in the second edition of the NOLLYWOOD MIRROR®Series has bought a copy. Why?
They are waiting for free copies.
Majority of the practitioners in Nollywood have not read Shaibu Husseini's book on Nollywood, "Moviedom: The Nollywood Narratives ; Clips on the Pioneers".
They are actually intellectually retarded.
There is even someone Shaibu knows who brags to know Nollywood and  has a copy, but he has not read the book since he got it at the public presentation years ago.
Only few people in Nollywood are intellectually educated and informed. The rest are best at beer parlour gossiping and trivialities and even though they claim to be actors, actresses, producers and directors, they are intellectually retarded.
Communicating with them has been my greatest challenge. Only few of them I can sit down and have an intellectually stimulating discussion on the film industry.
How can you be a good filmmaker when you are clueless about theory and history of filmmaking?
How can you make a great movie when you are clueless about the art of storytelling?

An Industrial revolution is always preceded by the widespread appreciation of art and literature as the Renaissance preceded the industrial revolutions in Europe, America and Asia.
We cannot have any industrial revolution in Africa without intellectual appreciation of our literary culture. 

African women spend billions of dollars annually on cosmetics and foreign hair attachments or extensions to enhance their looks and then they  neglect the most important things they need for the improvement of life; books.  Majority of black African men and women prefer gossiping to reading. You see them going about with their bleached skins and displaying expensive luxury items of their status symbols without which they feel insecure and unfulfilled, because they have nothing else to brag about.
Looks will fade away, but books will last for ages  for the acquisition of knowledge is the greatest heritage and legacy of every society.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

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