Sunday, May 13, 2018

It is an International Embarrassment that Nigeria Does Not Have a Film Commission

It is an international embarrassment that Nigeria does not have any film commissioner and no film commission. And states hosting international film awards and festivals have not realised what to do with them beyond displaying the emblems and logos of the state governments at the venues.

It is an anomaly that Nigeria brags that Nollywood is the second largest video film industry in the world after the Bollywood of India, but has no single film commission and no film market .

I have been emphasising the imperatives of a film commission and film market since 2008 to date. But the responsible government officials are either ignorant or incompetent to realise the functions of their offices and the priorities beyond attending local and international events to make mere speeches and pose for the photographers and cameramen and return to business as usual. After more than two decades of Nollywood and Kannywood, there is still no structure for the sustainable development of the Nigerian film industry.

Nigeria is not a member of the Africa Film Commissions Network (AFCNet).

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, Publisher/ Editor of the NOLLYWOOD MIRROR®Series

NOLLYWOOD MIRROR®Series: The only book series on the Nigerian film industry.

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